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Visit ResourceXchange - a free service provided by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) designed to help businesses find markets for non-hazardous materials that have been traditionally discarded.

Sensible Alternatives

One Man's Garbage ...
Most companies are not aware that the millions of cast-off pieces thrown away each day may, in fact, have a million applications when used by teachers and students.

If your company has clean fall-off, overruns, outdated stock, or seconds crowding your warehouse or overflowing your waste stream, call us! We have a sensible alternative for your valuable excess.

Off-spec goods, items past the expiration date, misprinted material, overruns, and end bolts of fabric are all quality materials that no longer have a value to a manufacturer, but make great fun stuff for children that is educational, too!

... Another Man's Gold
Your contributions of clean by-products will help RRIE supply materials that may be used as an educational resource. These materials are important in educational programs designed to meet National Standard requirements, allowing teachers to provide virtually limitless creative opportunities for their students.

Benefits to YOUR Business
There are numerous ways your business will benefit from participating in this cooperative effort to provide materials to RRIE:

  • Free up valuable warehouse space
  • Save on waste-hauling costs
  • Make tax deductible contributions (RRIE is a 501©(3) non-profit organization qualified to receive tax deductible contributions)
  • Meet recycling requirements
  • Help to improve the quality of education, thereby contributing to a pool of highly skilled employees of tomorrow
  • Lead by promoting a conservation ethic

Corporate Memberships
RRIE is made possible by grants and donations from businesses and organizations. Instead of (or in addition to!) donating surplus goods, you may support this very special program by making a financial Corporate Contribution.

Sponsor a school or schools attended by the families of your employees. As a leader in promoting environmentally friendly practices and supporting valuable educational programs, you are investing in a literate, competent skilled workforce of tomorrow.



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