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What Is RRIE?

Recycling for Rhode Island EducationWhat is RRIE?
Recycling for RI Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational and environmental organization. Its vision is to encourage self-discovery by active participation in teaching and learning through creative experiences. RRIE has as its mission to encourage preservation of the environment by diverting clean non-toxic reusable excess inventory from the business community to educators and community organizations.

What do we do?
RRIE is committed to the preservation of the environment by reducing land filling through clean, non-toxic solid waste diversion. Our organization has a nineteen-year history of collecting and productively recycling manufacturers' safe, non-toxic by-products, overruns, seconds and fall-off from manufacturing processes. We help businesses support the educational community by taking excess materials that would otherwise go to a landfill. They can save valuable space and maybe even receive a tax deduction. Any business excess can be someone else's treasure!

How do we do that?
We truck donated materials to a central warehouse in Providence, and redistribute them to schools, individual teachers, and other non-profit organizations, such as Boys & Girls Club, day care providers for children and the elderly, after school programs and many other groups in need of basic supplies for hands-on learning and art programs.



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